angelo's work has appeared on:

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partial list of credits:

  • When Hope Calls (Hallmark Channel)
  • Big Fun Crafty Show (NBC Universal)
  • Driving Me Crazy (NBC Universal/ YTV)
  • Baxter (Disney XD/ Family Channel)
  • Sesame Street/ Sesame Park (PBS/ CBC)
  • Hi Opie (TVO) Jim Henson/ marblemedia
  • Taste Buds (TVO)
  • Splatalot (marblemedia) YTV/ BBC/ ABC3 Australia
  • Just Like Mom & Dad (BYU/ Yes TV)
  • Cover Stories (City/ VOOM)
  • Big Comfy Couch (PBS/ Treehouse) Nominated for a Regional Emmy
  • Project Passion (Docutainment) (WE)
  • Go Play
  • Workopolis (ROB TV/ BNN)
  • Kids' CBC (CBC)
  • You're It ! (CBC)
  • Market Morning (ROB TV/ BNN
  • Get Set For LIfe (CBC)
  • TLN Network (Station IDs)
  • Canada Crew (TVO)

  • The Colossal Failure of the Modern Relationship (Romantic Comedy) Director: Sergio Navarretta
  • Hammerboy (animated Feature) Cartoon Network
  • Looking For Angelina (Feature) Platinum Image Films
  • Raju's Blind Date (CBC)
  • Lovely Boys (CBC)
  • By Charlie Walker (Showcase)
  • The Practical Man
  • RX Fader
  • Puzzle of Easy Enlightenment (The Movie Network)


  • Canadian Pickers (History Channel)
  • Tori & Dean Cabin Fever (CMT)
  • Canadian Country Music Awards (CBC/ CMT)
  • Buying & Selling With the Property Brothers (HGTV)
  • Newlywed, Nearly Dead (Global)
  • Gold Medal Plates (CTV)
  • Spelling Night In Canada (CBC)
  • Antique Hunter (Global)
  • Love Incorporated (Global)
  • Home Factory (FYI)
  • Antique Style (Global)
  • Pet School (CBBC)
  • Food Factory USA (Food Network)
  • Groomed (Women's Network)
  • TV Guide Television (Life Network)
  • Clever Cleaver Brothers (Syndicated throughout the USA)
  • Anti Gravity Room (YTV)
  • Fugget About It (9 Story) Teletoon At Night
  • Hammerboy (Feature) Korea
  • The Adventures of Dot And Paws (CBC)
  • King Stanley (Waterworth Productions)
  • Tom and Vicky (Noggin/ Treehouse)
  • Trubble Bub (In Production)
  • Voyage of the Empress of Ireland (Conceptual) CBC
  • Ice Storm The Sale and Pelletier Affair (Microtainment) CTV
  • Breeder of the Pack (Lively Media) CTV
  • What's In A Name (marblemedia) History Channel
  • Houses of Worship (PBS)
  • Ride the Wind (CBC)
  • Chef's Domain (Lively Media) Discovery
  • Out Of The Blue: The Story of Westjet (CTV)
  • Memories of Martin (NCBC) Vision Television
  • Lululessons: The Story of Lululemon (CTV)
  • Tuskegee Airmen (in production)
  • Battle of Britain Deconstructed (in production)
  • Fun Factories: BC's Video Game Industry (BNN)
  • Power Play: Canada's Nuclear Comeback (CTV
  • Journey to Freedom (Global)


  • X-Men (Feature) Produced several music cues
  • Overruled (songwriter) Disney/ Family
  • Murdoch Mysteries (Licensed several tracks)
  • Flashpoint (music licensing)
  • The Listener (music licensing)
  • All My Children (music licensing)
  • Sailor Moon (song adaptation/ arranging)
  • A Christmas Carol (animated) (Music editor)


  • This Is Daniel Cook: Here We Are! (arranged, produced the album. Composed Two songs for the CD. Nominated for a Juno Award for Best Children's Album 2008